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IT Consulting

Our team has specialists with extensive experience in various areas of the IT field (programmers, web developers, database designers, analysts, designers, media experts, specialists in cash flow to the Internet (payment systems, crypto-currencies).
We will help you and provide advice in the needed amount and with the necessary and useful information in any IT field.
In a very specific area, we have the opportunity to get third-party consultations with narrow specialists in these areas.
Consultations can be provided by e-mail, Skype / telegram / Viber, by phone, as well as personally in your or our office.

Help with development and updating of websites.

Experts in the field of web design and web programming can prepare (or update, fix, finish) a website of any complexity, ranging from a small advertising company site to huge services website on the provision of services and online hypermarkets.
For informational websites, we work with both pure code and various CMS systems (content management systems), such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Typo3 and others.
For online stores, we work with both pure code and various store management systems (eCommerce), such as Prestashop, Magento, eCommerce, CS-cart and others.
For personal, unique and specific solutions, we first find the most suitable option after analyzing all the requirements for the project, and then the way will be decided to build the system, including usage of the basis of such frameworks as Yii2, Codeigniter, Express, Django, Rails, Laravel, Spring and others backend solutions
Angular, React, Vue, Ember, Backbone and others for frontend solutions.

Website development packages at a fixed price.

After many years of working with clients and preparing many similar projects, we can surely offer clients web development fixed packages from the discussion stage to the stage of promotion and advertising
An example of such packages might be:

For more information, please contact us and we will provide information on the services you are interested in.

Help with services and mobile applications development.

We help to develop various Internet services (API, REST, Socket, etc.), as well as Android and iOS applications of varying complexity.

Database development and tools for analytics, automation of information processing.

We have extensive experience in developing powerful databases and systems of analytics and data processing, with automated solutions based on the data obtained.
The development of a trading robot can be considered as a striking example and our significant achievement. This trading robot automatically trades crypto currencies.
The robot has several huge modules. The first of which is the accumulation of data collection from crypto currency exchanges into the database.
The second module is analytical, which calculates various metrics, indicators and their derivatives every second. The third module is a trading module itself which purchases and sells alternative coins, monitors the execution of transactions and responds accordingly to various situations.
The fourth module is statistical, preparing and processing statistics of indicators and trading results.
This robot is the result of hard work throughout the year, with tens of millions of records in the database, with several hundred different settings, functions and modifications.
Every second processing of hundreds of different metrics and indicators options.
We optimized the entire system for stable and reliable system operation.
Monitoring the state of the system and its individual parts for the timely identification of any problems that have arisen.
Trading thousands of dollars a day, about 300 - 500 transactions daily, income is 10 - 20%, depending on the market situation.
Flexible settings and financial management system for various trading strategies.
Hundreds of different combinations of metrics and indicators for analyzing and making automatic decisions.
The system is completely flexible and customizable for specific needs.

Regular maintenance and reliability, incl. fixed service packages.

For many years of fruitful work, our specialists have learned how to identify potential problems even before they occurrence.
It is better to prevent a problem instead of rushy fixing its consequences. To do this, we offer various packages for maintenance, monitoring and ensuring the reliability of your IT facilities (including websites), with regular backups and a set of monitoring and maintenance activities (depending on the selected service package).
Please contact us for a more detailed description and content of various packages.

IT security.

If your project is online, contains financial or personal customer information, or related to unique information, or you have competitors, then be sure that the security of your IT facility is at risk.
There are various tools and solutions to ensure full protection and safety, which we are ready to deliver to our customers.
Please contact us for more detailed advice on this issue depending on the specifics of your IT facility.

Project Management.

Our team has experienced managers who will take over the management of your project, will select the appropriate specialists, will monitor the accuracy and timeliness of tasks, will be able to identify possible problems and difficulties with the project at an early stage and will be in touch with you about project progress of the implementation of the tasks.

Media and Internet advertising services.

If you need media advertising of your project on the Internet, you want to attract new customers, promote your product or brand, we are ready to help you with this by offering a whole range of different services in this direction:

Contact us.

You can contact us with any questions in the field of IT

At the moment, our regular website is under big maintenance with a lot of changes, but this does not prevent us from continuing to provide you with quality and great services